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The scientists observed the test tubes around the lab. Several had clipboards. Several of the tubes were empty. Most still housed the experiments.

The tubes were made to hold people. Around the entire back wall of the lab, they reached from the floor to the ceiling. Men, women, boys, and girls of every age, race, etc. were suspended in the tubes in a green liquid, lit up with lights behind, casting an eerie glow on the otherwise white walls of the lab. There were eight empty tubes. Of the subjects from those, only two had survived.

The project was to create super-soldiers, spies, assassins, capable of feats far beyond those of ordinary human beings. Another World War was imminent, and the superpowers of the world had spent many years refining the art of warfare.

Thus began the U.S. operation, Project Atlas.
The prologue to my story, "Rapture in Hades".
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April 10, 2010
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